Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Failed Circus School

Hi Friends!

My name is Tammy and I failed circus school. 

It was about this time last year that I started this blogging journey. Actually, my TpT store came first, then my blog, then Facebook.  It was all new and exciting... so much to share!  I was able to keep it all up by blogging once a week, even though "they" say you should write more often.  I was even able to put out 75 TpT products that I'm proud of in that amount of time.  It was all going great!  I was juggling it all...  only dropping the ball on occasion.

Then the lions of September hit.  Back to school.  Back to 32 kids in the classroom.  Back to the almost impossible task of fitting all of the standards into a regular school year.  Back to the tightrope of parent meetings, report cards, teacher evaluations, SMART goals, and SBAC.  Not to mention all of the "must do"s at home.
"Con Colleano on a slack-wire, circa 1920" by Con Colleano(Life time: 1973) - Original publication: Print from approximately 1920Immediate source: Scan by me from an original signed photographic print.. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Con_Colleano_on_a_slack-wire,_circa_1920.jpg#/media/File:Con_Colleano_on_a_slack-wire,_circa_1920.jpg

I failed circus school.  I looked...  I haven't posted a blog post since SEPTEMBER!!!  WHAT?!

How to "they" do it?  How do you manage keep the three rings: home, school, online world running smoothly?  How to you  post 2-3 blog posts a week?  What do you write about?  Where do you find the time?

Here is where I think I've gone wrong:
1.  I'm WAY too wordy!  Even this blog post was supposed to be short and sweet... FAIL!
2.  I write what I'm feeling at the time...  I need to keep a journal of ideas and do more research on blog posts.
3.  I LOVE PICTURES!  This is my biggest stumbling block.  Tagging all of those pictures with my logo before I post them on the blog is time consuming!  I think that is the biggest roadblock for me.  If anyone has any advice for this, I'd appreciate it!
4.  TIME...  I was blogging every Sunday morning before the hubster gets out of bed.  I need to find more time.  Maybe make a blogging date with myself once a week, during the week?  Go to a coffee shop, drink a cup-o-joe and type away.  I've always been curious and weirdly envious of people at coffee shops working on their computer...  I could be one of "those" people!
5.  I have too many balls to juggle (that made me giggle just a little).  Between school, home, Literacy Loves Company blog, TpT store, Facebook, and now Instagram that's a lot of balls!  I don't want to give any of the up, but Facebook has been kinda depressing for me.  I can put out a post and only 2 people will see it.  I have over 200 followers, and only 2 people see it!?  I know there is an algorithm involved and the more interaction, the more people see, but honestly,  I'm not going to worry about it.  I'm giving myself permission to not worry about Facebook.  Ahh...  that felt good.

I know many of you who follow and read this blog are bloggers yourselves.  Any tips for keeping your circus manageable?  Any secrets for success?  Any advice?

So, I've confessed my failings.  I've given myself permission to not be perfect.  I've come up with a plan, sort-of.  I've reached out for help.  I feel better.

Bring on 2015!  

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