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Torn Paper Collage

Welcome to Literacy Loves Company!  I am so glad that you came to visit.  I'll just share with you a little bit about me and how Literacy Loves Company came to be.

I am a native Oregonian... land of trees, mountains, coastal beaches, and RAIN!  I've lived in almost every region of Oregon and I truly can't say which I prefer the most.  It is a beautiful and diverse state.

I'm an artist and a teacher, which is the perfect combination.  I love teaching art to my students and if I can fit it into a content area that is even better.  A few years ago, I earned my masters degree in integrating the arts.  This degree fit into my own personal philosophy of education and the arts and made my teaching even stronger.   Lately, with the implementation of CCSS, I have found the freedom to integrate not only art, but also science, social studies, and health into my language arts block.  I have always done this to an extent, but now it is more purposeful.  

Literacy Loves Company is my attempt to share with you what I have figured out, to give you resources and ideas that will make integrating content and art in the regular classroom easier.

My next challenge is technology integration.  I am excited to go on this journey and hope to share my struggles and Ah hA moments with you.

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    Great work!