Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blow their Tops with Art and Technology Integration

Technology and Art come together in this great science project.  Perfect for the elementary classroom.

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Its Sunday again!  Sunday is one of those catch 22 days.  I love getting up early and enjoying the morning but Monday looms in the future.  Also... time changed today so I lost a precious hour.  The light at the end of the tunnel is spring break in 9 school days.

Today I want to share with you the volcano projects I mentioned last week.  My students have been studying earth changes.  It has been a long unit, but the kids have been really into it.  I mean how can you blame them... what is more exciting than earthquakes, volcanoes, and weathering? Ok...  maybe not weathering, but overall it was a great unit.

Our final section of the unit was volcanoes and my school just got a mini iPad lab.  My kiddos were so excited to get those little devices into their little hands.

I explained to the class that they were going to use the iPads to look up information about the interior structure of volcanoes.  We brainstormed possible search terms.
Technology in the classroom is an amazing motivator.  Every kiddo was engaged and on task.

A couple of days later (We don't get to do science every day.) I had my students get out their completed graphic organizer and they sketched their diagrams on a long piece of white construction paper folded into thirds.
 After sketching, students used clay to fill in the diagrams.  Using clay is a very tactile way for students to engage with the science.  For my kinesthetic and visual learners this was much more effective than just using crayons or markers because you actually have to interact with the clay.  You have to mold it and push it around.

The clay was Crayola clay I ordered from Amazon for about $3 per box.  Each box was more than enough for 4 kiddos.  I have a lot of clay left over for a future project. 
The example I gave my students.

The final projects make a pretty impressive display!

I've also used this clay "painting" method for diagrams of nerves and the brain.  I'm sure there are a lot of other ways to use it.  If you think of one, please let me know by commenting on this post.

Well, I'm at the tail end of a new product I have been putting a lot of time and energy into for over a week.  I'm so excited to post it when it is done.  I thought I would leave a hint here.  If you think you know what the product is, please comment below or visit my Facebook page and leave a comment on the related post there.  I will be giving away the product to up to 3 people who guess correctly before I post it!  Here are the hints:

Hint 1.  4th Grade ELA Common Core Standard
Hint 2.  This product has required a Herculean effort from me!

Hint #3
Thanks for visiting and Good luck!

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