Sunday, May 18, 2014

End of the Year Sprint: testing, celebrations, organization, and TpT

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I've been having a hard time finding the time to keep up with my blog.  I'm sure you know the feeling!

With the end of the school year quickly approaching it seems like there is some major event at every corner.  Last week we had open house.  It was nice to see the parents interacting with their children in such positive ways.  It was even better to have a clean classroom.  I love teaching fourth grade...  most of my kiddos really know how to clean!

Next week is our volunteer appreciation celebration.  At our school we have a "volunteer tea".  I'm going to be making pink lemonade cupcakes for my volunteers again this year.  If you missed my mention of this last post click here.

 We've just about finished up our state testing.  I only have a couple of kiddos still working on it.  So proud of my class!  We worked really hard and reached our goal!  To celebrate, I took the class to our Creativity Studio for creativity time.  I set up a few stations and students were free to choose whatever they wanted to do.  Most of the boys chose Kapla blocks.  It was fun to watch them work and solve design problems together.

I found out I am moving classroom next year...  actually I requested the move.  I really needed an opportunity to clean out the "stuff" I've been collecting the last four years.  It gives me a reason to purge.  I've started bringing home containers of files from my filing cabinet to sort through.  It is amazing how much I DON'T use that I have had stored for so long.  Everything is online these days.  I found these great ideas on Pinterest:
These organization ideas from "Kindergarten Lifestyle"

These suggestions from "Teaching My Friends"
Plus...  I think I have a book on organizing for the end of the year somewhere in my classroom... I'll probably find it when I'm packing up.

I'm one of those teachers that has a hard time getting out at the end of the year and I go in a week or more early to set up.  At our school we have to pack "EVERYTHING" so that the summer cleaning crew can come in and do the floors.  I appreciate the clean room, but the packing is such a hassle.

If you have any useful tips, please let me know!

I've recently put out two new products that I am really excited about and am working on a set of "CCSS Aligned Daily Journal Prompts".
See it at my TpT store.  

See it at my TpT store.  
So, I continue my mad sprint to June 17th: teaching until the end, enjoying my students, and organizing for a successful start this fall.  I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the slower pace of summer.
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