Sunday, June 8, 2014

Calling all Pioneers! A Day of Play

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It has been a crazy busy week!  The end of the school year is just around the corner and that means a lot of end of the year activities and get togethers.  In fourth grade we study The Oregon Trail and it is our tradition to end the unit with a day of pioneer activities.
We set up our Pioneer Day in three sections:  Pioneer Home Life, Pioneer School and Recess, and Pioneer Museum.  Students come dressed as pioneers and bring a pioneer lunch if possible.

We have the county museum come to our school and give a presentation about the Oregon Trail.  They bring artifacts and a lot of wonderful information to share with the groups.

For Pioneer Home Life students participate in "chores" and other activities that a pioneer child might have been involved with.  These include making candles, making butter, hauling water, hunting buffalo chips, cross stitch, and quilting.

For Pioneer School and Recess students play pioneer games, write with a quill pen, make pioneer toys, make bean bags, make soap carvings, and more!

Classes are grouped into three groups and rotate through the sections as the day progresses.  It takes a lot of organization and a ton of amazing volunteers for this day to be successful, but it is well worth the time and energy.  The students end the day with a lap full of goodies and memories to last a lifetime!

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  1. this is so awesome! I remember doing these activities in school.