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Take the Stress out of Spelling Stations!

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I don't often dedicate a whole blog post to one of my TpT products, but I am so excited about my new Word Smarts Spelling Stations {20 Station Set} that I wanted to share!  If you stick with me...  there's a FREEBIE at the end.  :)

Word Smarts Spelling Stations
If you've followed my blog at all, you know that about this time last year I wrote a blog post series about spelling...  my frustration with teaching it, my research on it, my "Ah Ha" moments, and my new found philosophy on teaching it.

1.  Word Smarts:  Managing Individualized Spelling in the Classroom
2.  Word Smarts:  Developing a Spelling Consciousness in the Classroom
3.  Word Smarts: Managing Partner Spelling Tests in the Classroom
4.  Word Smarts: Instilling a Desire to Spell Correctly in the Classroom.

All of that brought around a spelling resource called "Word Smarts".  I packaged everything I thought a teacher would need to teach spelling for a year into a bundle and put it up for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It was well received and since then I have been creating and adding resources to that bundle.  Every time I think of something I need to make spelling a more meaningful experience in class, I make it and add it.

This last school year I found myself struggling at times getting stations ready for my students.  Every Friday afternoon I'd find myself with the containers all laid out and me standing there thinking about what I was going to do for the next week.  Then, once I had thought of it, I'd have to gather, prep, and copy the materials.  This gave me many a late evening after a long week, when I really just wanted to go home, turn on the TV, put my feet up and snuggle with my fur babies!

This got me thinking about the millions of other teachers out there who might be in the same boat.  Granted, many teachers are much more organized than me, but there have got to be ones who want some time saving, stress free options for spelling and word work stations.

So, this last week I finally locked myself to my computer and created the resource I'm talking about today.  I'm super excited about it!  I've already printed it out and am ready to go.  I'll probably do some laminating of the game boards, and I might even have the game boards printed larger, but other than that I'm ready for a year's worth of spelling stations!

Station Cards have both student directions and the materials needed list.  To prep, simply look at the back of the card and gather the few items needed.

The resource also includes 26 word lists.  These aren't random word lists.  They are based on spelling rules and patterns and range in complexity from 3rd grade to 5th grade level.  If you own the Word Smarts Spelling Bundle mentioned above, the lists correspond to the weekly spelling lists in that resource.  The spelling lists are bold and italicized for easy location.  

There are 7+ Word Sorts and there is the versatility to create more depending on the needs of the child.  Word sorts are a great way to get your students analyzing and interacting with words! 

There are 9 word work/spelling activities.  The activities support a variety of learning styles:  visual, kinesthetic, verbal, etc.  

My favorite part are the board games!  

I had so much fun making them!  

I've also included a Turn-In folder cover.  I use to have my students keep their station work and then turn it all in at the end of the cycle, but then I would have to spend time sorting all of the papers into piles.  Now, at the end of that station time, students put their work into the turn in file/folder and when the station cycle is over, all of the papers are already sorted!  I don't know why it took me so long to figure that out! 

Station signs and a binder spine are also included.  I like to keep my resources in binders and bright colored spines make them easier to find (and it makes them prettier. )

I think I've included in this resource everything a teacher needs (minus game markers, dry erase markers, and a paperclip) to get him/her organized for spelling stations for the year!  

One of the great things about this resource is that you can use the same station week after week and just change out the word lists.  You could have several stations going at once.  You could switch out stations from week to week with very little hassle.  There is a lot of versatility here.  

I've tried to take the stress out of stations.  I know I am already breathing a sigh of relief and I still have 4 weeks of summer left.  :)  

If you want to know more, here are the RESOURCE OVERVIEW and TABLE of CONTENTS for the download.  If you don't want to know more, scroll to the bottom for a link to a FREE SAMPLE of  the Word Smarts Spelling Stations {20 Station Set}! 

Okay...  Thank you for sticking with me... as you can tell, I'm really excited to share this with you!  here is the link to the FREEBIE.   If you download, please consider leaving some feedback and a rating.  Your input is important to me!  

Thanks again for visiting and letting me share this resource with you!  I'm looking forward to less stress Fridays this next school year and I hope that it gives other teachers more  freedom and flexibility in their own classrooms.  Time is a valuable resource and anything we can do to help each other save more of it is valuable.  

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