Saturday, January 4, 2014

Learning Curve

Welcome to Literacy Loves Company!

This will be a very short post as I am in the middle of constructing this blog.  Wow!  What a journey it has been.  I started with Living a Teaching Life and am excited to keep that blog going with more of what is going on in my life: teaching, pets, family, projects, gardening, etc.

This blog is dedicated to integration in the classroom.  I will be sharing ideas, resources, products, FREEBIES (everybody loves a freebie!) and more.

This has been a huge project for me.  I have been muddling my way through everything on this page.  I am so thankful for the internet and my fellow bloggers who have given me a lot of advice.   I have relied a lot on many wonderful bloggers who blog about blogging... (say that 10 times fast!) Visit my Pinterest Board - Blogging Tips for just a few!

I'm at the end of winter vacation and have spent most of it working on my blogs and my TpT store.  The time has flown by.  I have mixed emotions about heading back into the classroom on Monday.  I'm excited to see my kiddos.  I have missed them.  I am also excited to have new experiences and ideas that I can share with you.

Thank you for visiting.  Please take a moment and leave a comment to let me know what you think of my layout.  Any feedback is helpful!

I hope that you will take a moment to follow me or visit me at my other "Homes".  

Hope to see you again soon!
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  1. I love your blog...very cute! I am following you. I found you on the TPT forum. I have also liked you on FB. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Sherry. I've put a lot of work in, but it is so much fun! I will visit your blog.

  2. Hello! I found your blog link on the TpT forum. I remember when I first started my blog and I was excited and anxious! I remember somebody posting on my blog words of encouragement and it meant so much to me! So, I would love to do the same for you. Keep posting consistent and high-quality posts. It takes time to build followers but keep at it and it will pay off! It doesn't happen over night but eventually you will find that you have a bunch of followers and you will ask yourself, "When did this happen?" It's exciting and motivating and it will make you grow as an educator. Good luck to you on this new adventure and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I wouldn't be this far into the blogging adventure without the help of others so it is my turn to pay it forward!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners