Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 10 Reasons I'm Glad Winter Vacation is Over

Today is Sunday....  That means tomorrow is Monday and my two week winter vacation is over.  I'm a bit sad and, I don't know about you, but I'm scrambling to get ready for school tomorrow.  So, in an effort to think on the positive side, I'm doing a top 10 list of why I'm actually happy that winter break is over...

1.  Smiles and Hugs - I've missed my kiddos.

2.  New Books - My class is in the middle of their Lewis and Clark/Sacajawea biography unit where I've integrated one of our history topics, The Corps of Discovery, and ELA.

 When we have finished with that unit, we are starting literature circles for Newbery Award winning books.  I was lucky enough to get a Donor's Choose project funded by my friends and family and I have 40 new books on their way!  So excited.  I love new books!

3.  Roller Coasters - Donor's Choose and Chevron were very good to me this year.  They funded a project for science materials for my class.  Not just any science materials...  a whole unit on motion, alternative energy kits, and knex roller coaster sets to study motion.  WOW!  My kids are going to have so much fun with science this spring and I'm going to have fun teaching it!

4. Book Battles- our school is participating in Oregon Battle of the Books.  It is a great way for kids to interact with new books.

5.  Scrabble Club - I run a small Scrabble club at my school.  Last year was my first year and it was a lot of fun.

Halfway to 10 and I'm really having to think here!

6.  Routine - I have enjoyed this time off...  I've set up this new blog, added product to my TpT (Teacher's Pay Teachers) store, and started TBTS (Teaching Blog Traffic School), but I am looking forward to getting back into my weekday routine.

7.  The Private Eye  - If you have never heard of The Private Eye, you should check it out.  It is a great program that gets kids looking closely at things around them.  They use Jewelers Loops to get magnified views everyday objects.  It is fascinating and a great way to integrate art and science in the classroom!   I'll be sharing more as my class starts their Fossil investigation.
View through a jewelers loop.

Resulting sketch

Frame used so students can focus on more detail.  

8.  Fresh Starts - One of the things I love about teaching is there are so many "fresh starts".  Each year we start fresh with a new class of students, we start fresh after each break, we get to start fresh with each new unit, we can even start fresh each Monday morning.

9.  Art for Art's Sake - I love integrating art into other content areas, but I also feel it is so important to teach art elements and principals on their own.  It is hard to carve out time each week for an art lesson, but it is so valuable!

10.  Spring Break is only 3 months away!  

I wish I was going here for Spring Break!

Phew!  I made it!  Instead of dwelling on the ending of vacation, it feels good to think about what I am looking forward to!  I hope this inspired you to think about fresh starts!

What is your top reason for being glad winter vacation (or just the weekend) is over?

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  1. This is a great positive way to look at things! Also all of your new science materials look awesome. Have a great first day back!


    1. Thanks, Ashley. I'm looking forward to teaching with them!